So Why Am I Here?

Not the universe, of course, but I mean why am I here blogging?  It’s a little frustrating starting out this late.  It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for years and years. Now it just seems like it’s probably too late, sort of like this whole trend of the internet is probably going to be over soon, so why bother.

When I write for others and not myself I feel so compelled to get it perfectly right, and blogging just seems like….NOT that.  There will be mess-ups, lazy days, lack of depth, and probably many downright boring posts (as this one is turning out to be).  The internet has no shortage of amazing writers, and it’s kind of intimidating that I would even dip into the same water.  It’s like dog-paddling in the same pool where Michael Phelps is training and yelling, “Hey!  Look at me!”  Lame.

Then again, connections are not made so much according to the talent of the writer but due to the shared experiences or characteristics between the writer and the reader.  That’s what I hope the impetus will be that keeps me writing.

I really appreciate your feedback on anything I've written. Please feel free to comment. I try to respond to all comments in a timely manner.

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